Federal Fair Chance Act

Every person deserves a fair chance at employment. No employer should be able to discriminate because of your criminal history record. If you served your time, that should be the end of it.


We need criminal justice reform and the end to systemic racism that disproportionately incarcerates people of color. We need to stop looking at cages as an answer. Restorative justice practices must be holistic. We need to end cash bail, abolish private prisons, revamp the probation system and put an end to mandatory minimums.


While this district struggles with the implementation of the borough based jail plan we must stay committed to closing Rikers and any other facility that symbolizes the dehumanization of our peers. We must demand significant community investments, and make sure that those are distributed in a way that ensures future generations are free to achieve what many of our parents couldn’t.

  • The entire system needs to be overhauled

  • Legal reentry and acquitted conduct are two major policies that need to be reformed

  • Guidelines advisory

    • Two factors; points per sentence you serve; crime your convicted of

    • The entire point system needs to be reformed

  • Armed Career Criminal act needs to be abolished

  • We need to reform our probation system

  • I fully support the Acquitted Conduct Act

    • What’s the point of having a system that if you are acquitted of something they can still use it for a later case? That should be the end of it, they should not be able to bring something up in court that you have been acquitted of.

  • Abolish Private Prisons

  • End Cash Bail

  • End mandatory minimums

  • One of the biggest issues with this system is that the prosecutors are given so much power. This needs to end. 

  • Major investments into Re-entry programs.

  • More funding for returning citizens

    • Short term investment for long term return

  • Prioritizing individuals that are coming home

  • Fed spends $3,500 per month per inmate

    • Investing more in restorative practices will show better outcomes 

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