This district has placed last in every marker too many times. When I joined Bronx River Houses I could not have foreseen the challenges my students face daily. We have become a safe space for them, and their families. As a child living in the suburbs of Philadelphia, I experienced what it is to have a good education. Where you live should not determine the quality of education you are receiving. This is why our public education system needs to change.


Curriculum and institutions must adapt to ensure our high school graduation rate increase. We must also equip schools with the tools necessary to ensure they can serve our children holistically. Upon graduation our teens should have multiple options! Trade schools are as important as college because both can lead to careers. We have to make the options desirable to our teens, and create the infrastructure necessary to make sure they can thrive.


  • Invest in school infrastructure and build more schools

  • Provide funding for schools to increase pay and support for all public school educators

  • $100 billion investments to Title 1,2 & 3 by 2026.

  • Eliminate high-stakes testing

    • For far too long teachers have been forced to teach to the test when in reality testing should be used as a tool to help teachers know where they need to focus their time.

  • Our public schools need to fundamentally change the way they are structured. The community school model will help bridge the gap of many of the issues in our low income communities. 


Higher Ed

  • Tuition free college

  • Cancel student loan debt

  • Invest $1 billion towards our trade schools by 2024.

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