Public Health  &  Mental Health

The district is suffering from a major public health epidemic that needs to be addressed holistically through youth violence preventive programming and policy. Right now we have an opportunity to give our school aged children a real opportunity to break through the cycle of youth violence.


Research estimate that one in five students will experience a significant mental health problem during their school years. These issues vary in severity, but approximately 70% of those who need treatment will not receive appropriate mental health services.


Failure to address students’ mental health needs is linked to poor academic performance, behavior problems, school violence, dropping out, substance abuse, special education referral, suicide, and criminal activity.


  • Most of our students attend schools with police but no counselor, nurse, psychologist, or social worker.

  • It is time that we implement mandatory yearly mental health screenings which will be provided on site at each school.

  • Fully fund the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention, which was a network of communities and federal agencies that worked together to share information and build capacity.

  • Increase funding for federal agencies and sustain grants and programs that support state and local violence prevention.

  • Increase capacity to prevent and address violence and trauma by working with returning people and children of incarcerated parents.

  • Implementation of comprehensive evidence-based preventive practices, which are the root causes of violence!

  • Build and strengthen partnerships among law enforcement, healthcare professionals, educators, mental health professionals, social services, etc., so that we can effectively work together to solve these issues.

  • Using technology as a tool to help with Social-Emotional Skills.

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