For 30 years Public Housing has seen disinvestment. 90% of families living in the district are renting their homes. Our district suffers because of this concentration. As congressman for the 15th Congressional District I will work to ensure investment in public housing is restored to numbers that will make public housing a springboard for its residents. We must create a pipeline from public housing to home ownership!

  • Homes Guarantee

  • $40 billion into NYCHA by 2026

  • Decentralize NYCHA

    • Tenants need to have a say on who is moving into their community. Creating a co-op model where tenants have a say will create personal equity which will translate into residents being more invested in assuring a safe and loving environment for all.

  • We need to expand section 8 vouchers

    • Housing vouchers have a cap, which is only limited to existing members. As population is growing, the amount of vouchers should be reflective of the population.

  • Reforming AMI

    • Westchester or Nassau county should not influence Bronx County.

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